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At Bolton Medical our philosophy is to hire and retain a talented and diverse workforce, and promote from within the company whenever possible. Many of our employees have developed and grown their career here which has contributed to our growth and success.

Bolton Medical

Bolton has a firmly embedded Integrated Talent Strategy that looks after our talent from hire to retire. We understand and value that each employee brings a different skill set and a unique perspective in the way we manage our business, customers, and partners. We target to recruit highly talented individuals who are aligned with our values and are driven to achieve outstanding results.


Why work for a Bolton Medical company?

  • We are a technology pioneer with relentless focus on innovation and customerdriven R&D
  • We seek excellence for healthcare providers and patients

Our employees are our most valued asset

  • We invest in attracting and recruiting the best talent in the marketplace
  • We position our employees to succeed in their roles through onboarding programs and coaching & mentoring
  • We practice a simple policy of excellent results followed by recognition and reward
  • We build capability at all levels of the organization
  • We offer growth opportunities and development of international careers


Why I Work For Bolton

Claudio Moscheni, International Clinical Specialist
At Bolton Medical we’re truly inspired by finding the best endovascular solutions for the patients, through a focused effort in developing products with the most advanced and innovative technologies. As a Clinical Specialist, it’s motivating and committing to be part of the early clinical experience where I can work closely with the R&D as well as other central departments.

Why I Work For Bolton

John Musachia, Endovascular Consultant

As an Endovascular Consultant, I interface with surgeons. I bring the graft to life, both on the call with the surgeon as well as during implantation.  My days are filled with many rewarding adventures.  I may start in the operating room, the surgeon’s office at lunch, the purchasing office in the afternoon, and on a flight or a four-hour drive heading to another case that evening, with phone calls, emails, and case planning in between. There’s never a dull moment but I love it.